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January 31, 2013

Work It Out, Clean It Up


If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have a ton of spare time.  Between work, family, social obligations, time just flies by and I hardly have a minute to myself. So what happens when your days seem to shorten and a few free minutes are tough to find? Things get prioritized, other thing get cut out entirely.

Unfortunately for me, what ends up on the cutting room floor is usually the gym and cleaning my apartment.
These routine-driven activities are just too easy to push to the side and marginalize when faced with deadlines, commitments, and other responsibilities. It’s a shame too – both activities leave you feeling refreshed and feeling better about yourself. These endeavors can put you in a better place than you were when you started, and that’s pretty hard to replace.

So what I do is try to combine the two. I know that sounds silly but hear me out a second. When you carve out the time to clean your apt, throw some reps in there too! For example, for every dish you scrub and dry by hand, drop and do five pushups. Vacuum for 30-seconds then do 30-seconds of jumping jacks. How about throwing in a few lunges when taking the trash out?

Will you look like a crazy person? Maybe, but that’s for your neighbors to decide. Point is, cleaning and exercise are two aspects of your life that shouldn’t be compromised. In this month when so many New Year’s Resolutions have died or on their last legs, recommit yourself to finding the time. Ok, so maybe reaching the highest shelf to dust isn’t part of a typical yoga vinyasa, but you can get creative.

And don’t worry about the neighbors; they’ll go from asking “what is she doing?” to “how does she do it?”


January 15, 2013

Celebrate Filter Fresh Month with Rage Against the Minivan


It’s that time of year again – time to change your refrigerator’s water filter to ensure that you and your family are drinking the cleanest filtered water possible.

Be sure to join a very special Twitter party on Wednesday, January 16th from 1:00 – 2:00pm, hosted by one of our favorite bloggers Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan. Kristen will share tips on the importance of drinking plenty of filtered water and how important it is to maintain the freshness of that water for you and your family. Refrigerator water filters are a great way to ensure you drink enough water – but you have to make sure the filter stays fresh by changing it every six months.
Participants will also have the chance to win a new Whirlpool® refrigerator with a water filtration system along with other great prizes.  To join the conversation, simply follow the hash tag #FilterFresh.


January 07, 2013

Dispatches from the Couch


While many were probably nursing hangovers on New Year’s Day, I was nursing a cold. For the last three days my closest companions has been a box of tissues and my tea kettle.

Despite the fact that I annually rebel against my mother’s advice to get a flu shot, I’ve been knock-on-wood lucky to have avoided the flu last season – and so far this season. Instead, I have what I like to call a yearly sinus/cold/adjustment period where I pretty much feel icky for a week before bouncing back.

This year’s flu season is starting early, if you haven’t heard, and it’s expected to be brutal and rack up plenty of sick days as it spreads across the country. Combined with cold temperatures chilling most states and a lack of open windows and fresh air, in no time your home or apartment can start to feel quite small. And full of germs.

So there’s really no better time to focus on keeping things clean. If you’re fortunate to be of good health – try to keep it that way by making sure you’ve cleaned the house from floor to floor. The dust that builds up around the house and in the carpet is all it takes to spark allergies or sinus trouble. And don’t forget to wipe down faucet handles and doorknobs.

If you’re like me and just coming out of a thick, sickly fog, don’t skip out on giving everything in your house a good, fresh cleaning to get rid of any lingering germs. Wash your sheets, dust the tables, take the trash out. Not only will it help rid the house of any germs, it’ll help you recover to be surrounded by cleanliness.

A good cleaning, some Vitamin C and hearty, leafy greens will help keep you strong against the strongest of colds. I’ll be disinfecting my apartment over the next couple of days …

And of course, my mother would want me to remind you to get a flu shot.


January 03, 2013

Don’t Fall Behind in 2013


One of the hardest things to do is be productive on New Year’s Day. For a variety of reasons – including the variety of drinks you had the night before – January 1 can be the worst day to find motivation. After all, any thoughts of productivity likely drowned in that second glass of champagne. Plus for most people, New Year’s Day is truly the last day of winter vacation, one last chance to sleep in and be as lazy as possible. And I applaud it.

But I respect the people who get up and make something of their first day of the New Year.

Just like keeping a resolution, making those first few days count for something is difficult to do. But I think it’s important to get the New Year off to a good start. Keeping a new year’s resolution is already an uphill battle, why would you want to start a few days behind?

And I don’t just mean a weight-loss resolution, you should try to get a jumpstart on any resolution you make - whether it’s keeping a cleaner home, getting better at saving money, or even learning how to play an instrument. All resolutions are designed to make you feel better about yourself, and you’ll feel great if you can get up, get out, and do something during those first few days in early January.

It ain’t easy, but it will give you a head-start on the rest of the month. And a productive January may be all you need to achieve your 2013 goals.