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October 25, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Bond with Karla

Hi Everyone - Make sure to check out a great review of affresh® Cleaners at Bond with Karla. She’s also hosting a giveaway so make sure you sign up for a chance to win our full line of cleaning products. Good luck!


October 25, 2012

Tales from a Crazy Cleaning Lady: Moving Edition


It was late afternoon and the sky was finally clearing up, leaving behind scattered puddles and the familiar dampness that comes with the autumn season. After months of preparation, my boyfriend and I were finally about to move into our very first apartment. Having only seen the apartment’s facade through a stalk-session on Google Street-View, I was relieved to find that it had since been spruced up with a fresh coat of paint.

I was on cloud nine, until I looked a little closer: there was a lovely pink waterline in the toilet bowl, fingerprints on the refrigerator and solidified spaghetti sauce on the cooktop. It was very apparent that the previous owners had dedicated all of five seconds to scrubbing the otherwise beautiful apartment.  The clean freak in me took center stage.

I temporarily halted the moving process so I could sanitize every inch of the apartment; but alas, at the end of my cleaning spree I was left standing face-to-face with the cooktop that had evidence of chefs past. It was the last mountain to climb before I could resume the move.

With my family gathered in the corner, keeping a safe distance from the crazy cleaning lady, I said a quick prayer and began scrubbing the stove with some affresh® Cooktop Cleaner. After I buffed the stove, with much less required effort than I was expecting might I add, we took a break to go out to dinner.

When we entered our apartment for the second time, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that all I could smell was citrus and all I saw on the surface of the stove was my reflection.

Now, three weeks later, we are almost fully settled in. We still have a few items to purchase to complete our new home, and our bank accounts are taking a serious hit, but we love our space.  As our one-month anniversary here approaches, we plan on celebrating with a home-cooked dinner and second round of whirlwind cleaning. I think we’ll even whip up some spaghetti.


October 18, 2012

Read Those Labels!


Because our New York City apartment wasn’t cramped enough, my girlfriend and I just caved and did something I thought only grown-ups did (uh oh).

We got a pet.

I think we could have easily handled a goldfish or pet turtle even, but instead we got a kitten. More specifically, we adopted a rambunctious, fearless, mischievous, jungle kitty. She’s a handful.

So as we’re adjusting to life with a pet – and she’s adjusting to life with two borderline inept caretakers – I’ve learned a few things. As part of our pet-proofing process, we realized there were quite a few things we had to be weary of: potentially toxic foods like chocolate and chicken bones, leaving trash or food left out, and even certain plants or flowers whose petals can be hazardous to kittens – what? Flower petals? Really? 

I also learned – as I’m sure most pet-owners are aware – that household cleaners, depending on their components, can pose a huge threat to both dogs and cats, and maybe even children. So as always, when cleaning, be sure to read those labels and understand what elements could be hazardous and which are safe. You can never be too conscious of potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

Now most cleaners are fine and you can use regularly without much thought. But you definitely want to know what you’re using beforehand and realize any possible affects the product may cause. Fortunately I only have one little jungle cat to worry about, but I’ve definitely gotten better at reading labels. And double checking every time I buy flowers! 


October 16, 2012

affresh® Dishwasher cleaner

Help reduce mineral build up. Just one tablet, once a month is all it takes.


October 15, 2012

Surviving School Stains


Now that school is in full swing, kids are coming home daily with stains all over their clothes. For you that means it’s back to penciling in MORE time in the laundry room to get those pesky stains out!  To make life a bit easier we have some helpful tips on how to get school stains out.

First rule of thumb, read the care label. After that, follow these helpful instructions below to erase stains from your student’s new back-to-school wardrobe.

Exploding ball-point ink pen?
A good thing to do before getting started on the stain is checking an invisible corner of the fabric to ensure the treatment you choose won’t affect the color of your clothes. Stretch the stained area of the fabric over the mouth of a glass. Drip rubbing alcohol through the stain, so the ink drops into the container as the soil is removed. If it’s necessary, follow up with a wash in color-safe bleach, air dry and then check the area carefully before putting in the dryer.

Color with crayons outside the lines – and on to the shirt?
Start by scraping the stained area with a spoon or the back of a knife to remove any excess wax from the fabric. You can then place the stained spot face down on a white paper towel, and place another paper towel on top of the side facing up. Run a warm iron over the paper towel - the heat will melt the wax, which will be absorbed by the towel. Keep changing the paper towels until no more stain transfers.

Make sure to pretreat the stain before washing and wash in the warmest water possible for that fabric. Finish by air drying or be sure all wax has been removed before you place in the dryer.

Fruit juice box miss the mouth?
Rinse the stained fabric in cold water to dilute the stain and prevent it from setting. Soak in a mixture of detergent and water for up to 30 minutes before washing in the warmest water safe for the fabric, air dry and check for remaining stains before putting in the dryer.


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