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May 30, 2012

affresh® Washer Cleaner

Is your smelly washer a nightmare? affresh® Washer cleaner tablets penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing residue throughout the entire wash cycle. Check out this new commercial for our affresh® Washer cleaner and don’t forget to “like” our video on YouTube!


May 30, 2012

Charlotte Mom Favorites

Affresh - A Clean Home Giveaway

Mommy blogger, “Charlotte Mom Favorites,” recently posted a review of affresh® Cleaners. Check it out and make sure to enter the giveaway to win your own prize package from affresh!


May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Grilling


Memorial Day is definitely one of my favorite holidays. It’s a great time to spend outside with family, relaxing and enjoying the extended weekend. It’s also a perfect weekend for grilling. Ok, so maybe it’s the grilling that makes Memorial Day so special to me.

I love to grill but I’m definitely not an expert. For some reason when I think of a “grill master,” I always picture Tim Allen’s character from Home Improvement or some manly-man know-it-all.

Sadly, that ain’t me. 

But I do like to throw on my “Kiss the Cook” apron and toss some burgers and dogs on the grill from time to time. And as I mentioned before, there’s no better time than Memorial Day.

Whether you’re a contemporary Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor or just a schlub in a Hawaiian shirt and an apron, grilling can be a really fun experience. What’s not fun is cleaning up afterwards – especially if you have a stainless steel grill.

Stainless steel poses a unique challenge to cleaning because it will show every smudge and fingerprint. On top of that, low quality stainless steel might stain, rust or even discolor with normal wear and tear. That’s where affresh comes in. Using our affresh™ Stainless steel cleaner after every use will keep your grill looking and performing like new. With the useful wipes or convenient spray, affresh™ Stainless steel cleaner is easy to use and an effective way to eliminate fingerprints, smudges, and stains.

So this Memorial Day, break out the grills along with your coolers and Frisbees and don’t think twice about the clean-up. Enjoy your holiday and the juicy burger you’re cooking up. You’ve earned it, grill master!


May 22, 2012

Gizmodo - 12 Ways to Rid Your House of Bad Smells

5. Eliminate washing machine mold smells
The door on front-load washing machines seals so tight that air never circulates inside, allowing mold and mildew to grow-and stink up the laundry room. Wash away the mold and the smell by running a cycle with
only two cups of bleach and warm or hot water. Or buy tablets like Affresh (three for $8) that you stick in the washer to clean it. Whichever method you choose, leave your door open between washings.


May 22, 2012

Reality Cleaning


Believe it or not, “cleaning” is NOT my middle name. I try to avoid cleaning at all costs. The laundry needs to be done? Oh well, I’ll get to it at some point. My dresser is getting dusty? Who cares, I’ll clean it next week when I get a minute to breathe. The dishes need to be done? I’ll leave that until my roommate decides she’ll bite the bullet and put them in the dishwasher. There is disgusting baked-on grease on my stove top? Well - that IS gross - but I just don’t care enough to clean it right this moment.

Last night, however, I’m convinced I was possessed by a cleaning demon.

I got out of the shower and thought to myself, “my body is clean, perhaps the bathroom should be, too.” So, I cleaned the shower, toilet, sink and mirror. 

After that, the cleaning “bug” hit me even harder. I moved to the kitchen. 

I wasn’t lying before- it really is disgusting. So I took the trash out, a small but DESPERATELY needed improvement. Then I took a good look at the aforementioned stove top.

Gross just doesn’t cover the disgustingness that was that stove top. 

So, I started cleaning it with some stovetop cleaner. I’m not going to lie, it took not one, but TWO of the free cleaning pads the stovetop cleaner came with. I was ECSTATIC when that gross, disgusting, gag-inducing stove top was, well, clean. 

After that, I pulled a “Catharine” and spilled my water pitcher all over the floor by mistake.  After berating myself for my stupidity, I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the floor. Now, don’t get me wrong, when the cleaning bug hits me, I go all out. But, to me, “all out” does not include the floors. Well, this time the floors were cleaned, if only because of my own clumsiness.

After all the cleaning, I ran into my roommate’s room to brag about how well I did. She wasn’t as impressed as I thought she’d be. But that may have had more to do with the, apparently momentous, fact that “Ice Loves Coco” was a rerun.

This epiphany of cleanliness was made possible by the following cleaners: affresh cooktop cleaner and kitchen and appliance cleaner.


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