Kitchen Cleaning Tips


When your refrigerator needs cleaning

You want to keep your refrigerator clean. After all, it's where you store the food you eat.

There are plenty of ways to keep cleaning the refrigerator from feeling like a dreaded chore.
You can wait until all the food inside grows hair and begs to be thrown out or you can keep a few of our tips below in mind. We suggest the latter.

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Make cleaning the refrigerator a routine. Once a week, once a month, whatever you feel is appropriate.

It's also easier to clean the refrigerator with less in it. Prior to grocery shopping, throw out what's old, pull out what stays and roll up your sleeves.

When the day comes, clean door gaskets with a soft clean cloth, warm water and a mild dish detergent.

Dry with a clean, soft, towel. Don't forget the horizontal drawer or door gaskets at the bottom of the refrigerator - they can catch common kitchen spills and splashes.

If you've got glass shelves or covers to clean, let them sit out and get to room temperature before cleaning. Exposing them to a sudden temperature change could cause them to break. Be careful not to drop them.

Next up - take out all drawers or bins and wash them in the kitchen sink with dishwashing liquid and warm water. You can use affresh™ Kitchen and appliance cleaner for the inside of your refrigerator. Spray and wipe down inside, including any door compartments.

Once it's all sparkly clean, admire it. Then put your food back inside before it spoils.