Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Washing your dishwasher?

Yes, even your dishwasher needs a good wash now and then. Once a month, as a matter of fact.

Many dishwasher models now come with a convenient, seIf-cleaning filter which can come in handy - especially if you use your dishwasher frequently, run cycles with heavily-soiled dishes, or are just plain busy.

Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner



Affresh™ Dishwasher cleaner makes getting your machine clean super easy.

How easy?

1: Drop an affresh tablet in the main detergent tray or in the bottom of your dishwasher if you have dishes you're washing concurrently. Close the tray.
2: If needed (if your dishwasher is really, really stained) place a second tablet in the prewash tray or in the bottom of the dishwasher.
3: Close the dishwasher and run on most aggressive cycle.
4: Repeat once every 30 days.
Now you can return to your regularly scheduled lifestyle.