Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Cleaning your range

That's right, it's time to clean the range. Are you ready? No? We can help with a few simple steps to get you through it. First, make sure all the controls are off and your oven and cooktop are cool.


Cooktop Cleaner

You can use affresh™ Kitchen and appliance cleaner, which is water-based, to clean the control panel on your range or oven. Just spray on a soft cloth or sponge – do not spray directly on the panel - and wipe clean.

Next up are the control knobs. Turn them to off and pull straight away from the control panel.

Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly – do not soak or place your knobs in the dishwasher.

For tough, stuck-on food that may have spilled onto the cooktop, use a nonabrasive, plastic-scrubbing pad - not a scratchy, steel wool scrubber or harsh cleansers. They could cause damage to the finish.

Apply affresh™ cooktop cleaner and for really tough stains, try using a razor blade to scrape off anything trying to stay stuck-on.