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May 23, 2013

Fun in the Sun! But…


Remember just yesterday when we talked about how nice it was that the weather was finally changing and we shared tips on how to start your spring cleaning projects? Well, maybe it wasn’t yesterday – but it sure feels like it was! Now, its Memorial Day weekend already…how did that happen?

While the official start of summer isn’t for another month or so, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of getting in that “summer mood.” This is, after all, the kickoff weekend for cookouts, lounging poolside, beach days and camping trips. Just good old fashioned fun in the sun…

Which means it’s also the kickoff weekend for grass stains, tracking dirt, lemonade and ice tea spills, and everyone’s favorite question, “How did sand get in there?”

Summer brings on a whole new range of spills and stains that you haven’t worried about in months. To better protect yourself from all that accompanies your fun in the sun this season, here are some helpful stain-removal tips for common summertime annoyances:

• Ketchup/BBQ Sauce/Salsa— First be scraped off of the cloth, to remove as much of the sauce as possible. Then spray the stain with a laundry pretreater, rub it into the stain and let the product work for at least 10 minutes before laundering. Opt for the warmest water the garment can take according to the care label and feel free to add color-safe bleach to the load.

• Mustard – remove as much of the mustard as possible and then pretreating the spot with white vinegar. Launder according to the care label with detergent and a little color-safe bleach to finish the job.

• Mayonnaise – Don’t use water! Apply a pretreater or liquid detergent directly to the grease stain. “Work it in, don’t just put it on there,” as these products work better when worked into the fibers.

• Oil or Melted Butter – Don’t use water! For a grease spot, cover the stain with either baby powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Let the powder soak up some of the oil, then brush it off and pretreat the stain before laundering.

• Charcoal –  Always get rid of the charcoal residue while the stain is still dry, by brushing it off. With powder detergent make a paste using and a little bit of water and apply it to the Work the paste into the stain and then launder the garment using the warmest water the garment can handle according to the care label.

• Tip: If the offending mark persists after treatment for any of the stains mentioned above, launder the piece a second time before the garment has a chance to dry.

SWIMWEAR CARE: Wash in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle, or hand wash.  Do not use liquid chlorine bleach, as it can lead to fiber breakage and cause yellowing.  Dry on a low heat setting or a permanent press cycle that includes a cool-down, and remove promptly to prevent wrinkling.  Otherwise drip-dry or lay flat to dry.  And don’t forget to read the fabric care label.



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